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Casilda de Zulueta

Technical Art & Animation



Consultancy & Workshops

Are you an indie studio or a start-up? Perhaps you need some assistance on setting up your next project's art and animation pipelines... and best practices, or on assessing your game's optimization issues and the possible solutions regarding visual assets. Be it 2D, 3D or anything in between, I am available for consultancy, reviews and workshops for your team. Let me give you a hand! 💌


Industry Talks & the #FemDevsMeetup

I regularly give talks and participate in panels related to my profession. From general tips on game art and art management... to in-game animation planning, the struggle of turning one's passion into a source of income, and the importance of getting inspiration from outside the medium itself. Together with the rest of the #FemDevsMeetup team, I host events in several cities around Germany, where we arrange talks, roundtables and casual dinners. Learn more about the Fem Devs! 💚

Research & Projects

I like making and playing games as much as thinking about them. To me, the theoretical framework is as important as the technical one..., and therefore I try to put both into practice. With a background in media studies, I have a special fascination on the influence of pictorial and filmic languages in this medium, which in itself informs my output as a developer and as an observer. I also love horror games. Take a look at my own creations 🎮🌹

About me

Casilda de Zulueta is a senior technical artist and animator, indie game developer and animation teacher based in Berlin.

With more than 8 years of experience in the games industry, Casilda has specialized in filling the gaps between code and art by creating and documenting solutions for 3D art pipelines, writing shaders and rigging characters. Plus she will animate whatever may fall into her hands. She likes to optimize graphics for low-end devices, and takes pride on making her game assets run smoothly without sacrificing visual quality.

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Casilda obtained in 2022 her master's degree in Game Development & Research (M.A.) at the Cologne Game Lab. Her final project, a horror adventure game that doubles as a virtual memorial, can be found on itch.io.

In parallel with her profession, she engages in academic research with a focus on media and game studies, and has given talks and workshops oscillating between theoretical and development-centered topics, all while advocating for a fair and healthier industry. On this matter, most of her efforts have been centered in co-organizing the #FemDevsMeetup's networking events and its annual Fem Devs Game Jam.

It is in this in-between of industry and academia that she walks both paths of praxis and theory.

Portfolio 🕹️ Résumé 📑

Sonderpreis der Jury

Awarded to the #FeMDevsMeetup
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NRW-Förderpreis für junge Entwicklerinnen

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Ubisoft Newcomer Award

Nomination for 'Berlin Maniacs'
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Next Gen Leaders

Program Recipient
IGDA Foundation


Honorary Mention

For 'Pepper'
Games for Change Challenge Europe