Call me Casi.
I'm a 3D game artist and technical animator currently based in Cologne, Germany.

Open for freelance work.
Interested? Write me an e-mail to: contact (at) gatdesoia (dot) es

About me

Casilda de Zulueta is a 3D artist and technical animator. She currently freelances for several game studios, with roles ranging from lead 3D artist to character and environment animator, occasionally technical artist. She also teaches animation for Game Design & Management B.A. and Motion Design & Management B.A. at Hochschule Fresenius.

Hailing from Spain, she moved to Germany to study Game Development & Research M.A. at the Cologne Game Lab and, later on, she worked at Flying Sheep Studios for more than 3 years, where she made 3D graphics for almost 40 HTML5 games.

She loves to see how games transform other media and vice versa (how films look like video games, video games like paintings...), and in general how games can make a difference, topics for which she has given several talks and workshops. Her interest in the game dev community lead her to join the organisation of the #FemDevsMeetup –a group of networking events for women in the industry–, hosting some of the Düsseldorf and Cologne meetups, and co-organising the Fem Devs Game Jam since 2019.

It is in this in-between of industry and academia that she walks both paths of praxis and theory.

Recent talks & workshops:

  • Session (15’):
    BEYOND MOBILE: The Future of HTML5 Games [Flying Sheep Studios]
    Pocket Gamer Connects. Helsinki
    1-2/10/2019 – Helsinki, Finland
  • Workshop (2h):
    Using Space in Film & Games Genres
    Womenize! Games and Film
    11/10/2019 – Cologne, Germany
  • Lecture (30’):
    Beyond Mobile: The future of HTML5 games
    Game Happens. Elements of Change
    8-10/11/2019 – Genoa, Italy

Contact info

contact (at) gatdesoia (dot) es